About Us

SIM TARIMSAL founded by MR Sinan TUYLU as an international commodity trading house as well as  exclusive Agent of  ADM –USA ( Archer Daniels Midland) for oilseed, grains and feedstuff marketing in Turkey with the volume generations of yearly 1.0 to 1.5 mio metric tons. SIM  is a brokerage company in international physical trading of oils, oilseed, grains and feedstuff. SIM has a strong supply chain network across, Europe, Russia, CIS Countries, North and South America for Turkish market.

Established in 2013 and headquartered in Istanbul Turkey, we have built a world class business by focusing on brokerage and marketing service and supply chain performance. Our global team of experienced traders, operations and logistics professionals are able to structure solutions that assist you with your specific requirements and ensure that you can purchase your goods on the terms that you require. Servicing our customers and approach each relationship with a long-term partnership view and aim to create sustained shared value whilst providing trust to his business partners having a said that ; SİM takes a place as a preferred business partner in the sector as the result of its core values; reliability, integrity professionalism and loyalty to the customers.

SIM at a Glance

Established in 2013 and headquartered in ISTANBUL , SIM is a brokerage house focused on commodities anda gri products, sourcing from and supplying to established and emerging markets globally.

We provide essential value throughout the supply chain, creating trade efficiencies that significantly allow our customers to focus on their core business and growth. We overcome the frequent obstacles of international trade by offering market leading solutions and flexibility which is supported by our global team of experienced management, traders, operations and logistics professionals.

Our Mission

To provide essential value to your supply chain in order to advance and overcome the obstacles of doing trade with Turkey offering agri products with high quality at reasonable market prices in time, and to serve to our business partners by providing best available solutions against potential problems.


Our vision

To establish a close relationship with our business partners to meet their commercial needs and expectations; and go further with our partners by improving our skills and tasks to provide the best service.


He is the founder and Chairman of SIM and very experienced business man with a proven track record in Agriculture, Food and Livestock industry thanks to spending 10 years with Cargill, 9 years with Bunge and 1,5 years with Tiryaki. He has then established his own company SIM Tarimsal in 2013 as an international  commodity and goods trading house. SIM Tarimsal then became the exculisive agent of  ADM –USA (Archer Daniels Midland) in Turkey for oilseed, grains and feedstuff. SIM Tarimsal has built a world class business by focusing on service and performance. Servicing his customers with a long-term partnership approach and aiming to create sustained shared value, SIM Tarimsal takes the place as a preferred business partner in the sector.  Annual trading volume of the company has reached 1.0 to 1.5 mio metric tons.

Being in business life for 26 years, both Mr. Tuylu and his company SIM Tarimsal have established excellent reputation as a result of his reliability, integrity, professionalism and loyalty. Both in his business and social life, Mr. Tuylu developed many connections within and outside its sector and has long lasting relationships with many high net worth individuals. As an experienced business man, Mr. Tuylu participates consistently in many local and international conferences as well as various events: GTR Turkey – Trade and the Export Finance Conference and Hermès Conferences are few examples where he has consistently participated at during the past five years. Furthermore, Mr. Tuylu’s wife is an experienced banker, working for one of the largest banks of Turkey reponsible of Private Banking.

As a result of all above, Mr. Tuylu has very good connections not only in agri sector, but also in various other industries and is doing considerable amount of business with them